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Friday, February 5, 2016

What would your ideal gun list look like I wonder? There was an article on 'The Well Armed Woman' website recently that was very interesting.

There were a number of guns that I was expecting to find there, Sig 238's, 938's, Bodyguards and the like. All very unremarkable. Until I thought about it a little bit more.

Every gun on the list is a small concealed carry gun. I don;t know if I find that surprising or not, or whether women are simply more practical than men, buying guns that they can easily carry in their purse or pocket, and are not necessarily buying guns for enjoyment or sport shooting.

It's true that here at Caswells, we have seen a HUGE rise in women buying handguns in recent years, and thinking about it, the conversation is usually a practical one, can I carry this comfortably etc, whereas the conversation with guys usually goes "can I MAKE this work, because I love the gun".

What would your list look like? Lets compare lists and see if there is a gender divide in firearms, or whether I am just dreaming :)

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