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Friday, February 24, 2017

Who ya goner call....


It's an interesting concept, who is responsible to keep you safe? We as a society have over the years developed to make the best of the skills that people have to offer, and probably rightly so.

When I want new kitchen cupboards, the last person my wife would allow to build and install them is me, my spirit level was damaged some years ago, resulting in the bubble now being in the wrong place!! My wife was equally distressed when I suggested we convert our cooker hood to gas, and that it would be a great idea for me to run the gas line, and hook up the gas.

I realize with some depression (and admission of defeat) that there are some things I should leave to others who have some kind of affinity and skill to complete the task properly, without the possible terrible consequences of me doing over reaching at something that is not necessarily my top skill set.

This is where it gets interesting. I would suggest the same applies in various emergency situations. I have fire extinguishers in my house, garage, cars, truck, and even one that I take camping. Now, does that mean that when I am up in Payson, camping for the weekend, and a forest fire erupted, I could or should tackle it beyond the immediate response of maybe a mishap within a tent or maybe a cinder igniting a small fire, no, of course not. My fire extinguisher at BEST is to try to keep me, my family and my stuff, aswell as others should they be in danger, uninjured until the fire fighters turn up (much to my wifes approval) to deal in a professional and safe way, with the proper equipment with the problem.

In my view, the same applies to the concealed weapons we carry, and to the the weapons we have in our homes and vehicles. I am not in a equipped nor more importantly trained to fight a small war against insurgents, nor take on hoards of bloodthirsty terrorists. I am equipped to deal with an immediate issue, to keep myself and loved ones safe in situations where I do not have a police officer standing next to me to take care of the problem.

When my lovely wife decided she would go jogging in the early mornings, it was obvious to me that she needed to be able to defend herself should it be required. Only last year, and woman was mugged whilst jogging early in the morning. Now we don't live in  downtown LA, it can happen anywhere, at almost anytime, being prepared is what it's all about. Not prepared to fight WW3, just prepared enough to get to a place of safety, or perhaps until the professionals arrive.

I met a lovely lady and her daughter on the range on Wednesday. She was thoughtful, considerate and looking to make informed choices. She wants to buy a gun, and be proficient in it's use, so she is able to defend herself and her family from the threats of the modern world.

Her view is that she wants to be able to defend family and home against those who would do them harm. And that is exactly to the to look at it. The police are there to deal with big issues, any issues BUT they are not next to you every moment of every day.

It simply makes sense to be able to deal with a fire or someone who would do you harm in the 1st few minutes of any issue, until the professionals arrive. The fire, nor the mugger, thief or home invader will not quietly wait until the professionals arrive, You need to be able to defend yourself the same as you need a fire extinguisher.

A HUGE reason to be prepared!

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