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Friday, April 1, 2016

Dangerous streets?

People from back home in the UK often ask me "does it feel odd carrying a gun" or "do you really need to carry a gun with you?

I remember when I 1st arrived in the US 4 years ago, I was stunned on going to my 1st Crossroads of The West Gun Show, to see people armed with every conceivable weapons that could possibly be carried, and simply walking around, no problem, no hassle, just going about their business. A few weeks later, I found myself in Crown King, up in the mountains near Mayer, after a long and eventful journey in the snow (long story for another day!)! In the saloon, there was a wedding reception going on, and everyone almost without exception, was sporting a loaded .44, and nobody batted an eyelid.

That was real eye opener for me, coming from a country that has no guns, and where carrying a small knife will land you in jail for at least the night. Over the next few months, it began to surprise me less and less to see ordinary people carrying, what until now, I had only seen carried by specialist police units, as very few police in the UK carry guns either!

But here's the thing. People will ask "why do you need to carry a gun" and when given the response "to defend myself" try to come back with all manner of reasons why you shouldn't. Looking at a few of those, with the benefit of learning from my experiences, and coming from a country with no guns, I feel well placed to comment.

When there are no guns, people will claim, you are safer, because you won't get shot. Now coming from London, that claim quickly falls away. Muggings in the UK with knives, bats, sticks etc etc are endemic. If you go to certain parts on London, you WILL be mugged, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Co incidence?

If you carry a firearm here in the US, you can actually defend yourself and your loved ones, a firearm
in the correct hands is a leveler, a way to actually be able to have a chance of retaining your health and wealth. In the UK, pretty much all you have is harsh words! Which cities in the US are the most dangerous, and have the highest murder rates? The top 3 most dangerous cities are in states that have some of the tightest gun restrictions in the US?

Fact is that those that want to take want you have sweated to to earn, don;t care whether it's legal to carry a gun while they commit crime, it's just another charge. What about Brandon Jenkins? Thankfully this ex marine was able to fight off a guy trying to hijack his motorbike. What if the guy had tried to hijack a car driven by you, maybe with your family in it, would you be able to fight him off?

People say they have never been in that situation, and therefore don't need a gun.
Do you have a fire extinguisher, an airbag in your car, seat belts, shall I go on? I have never needed to use my firearm to defend myself, and I sincerely hope I never do.

Am I more comfortable, and do I feel safer than I ever did living in London, yes, absolutely.

What are your thoughts, do you feel safer carrying a firearm?

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