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Friday, March 18, 2016

The election comes to Arizona

Have you all noticed that the political ads started in earnest over the last few days? It seems that the parties have discovered Arizona as next week's primary fast approaches.

With all the hype and bluster surrounding the Republican nominees growing almost daily, and the Hilary vs Sanders race looking more and more like Titanic vs the iceberg, what does that mean for gun owners and those who enjoy the shooting sports?

I think it's a given that if Sanders/Clinton get into office there will be an assault on the shooting fraternity, but what form will it take? The more I think about it, the more I think that unless there is a landslide in congress and the senate, not to mention a HUGE vote for the Dems, they will not attempt an outright ban on firearms, and probably not even on "assault" guns.

I think it's way more likely that they will attempt a death of 1000 cuts approach. Bans on hi cap magazines, ammunition limits, bullet buttons etc etc is the way I think the attack would be made, as they know that anything more would be unlikely to go anywhere.

Universal background checks I think would also be likely to make another appearance. Is it wise to try and fight ALL these challenges? We were asked about universal background checks last year, and what was our opinion, and as you can probably imagine, got a few interesting comments when we said that we didn;t really have a problem with it. When you bare in mind that if you buy a new gun, it's accepted that you will do a background check, does it make sense that it would be any different for a used firearm?

I certainly wouldn't sell a firearm to someone I didn't know via backpage, I would go through a store like Caswells or another FFL, and sell it by consignment, why? Because I want to know that the person I have sold it to is not prohibited from owning that firearm. To me, it's all about responsible gun ownership. Can we win every battle, or should our eye be on the big picture, and the wider and far more important issue of defending the 2nd amendment?

What do YOU think, how should we go about defending our rights?

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