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Friday, March 4, 2016

Can gun owners be their own worst enemy?

We here all the time about assaults on the 2nd amendment, attempts to change the law, and make firearms more difficult own. This normally follows some kind of appalling attack by someone who would have had the weapons they had, no matter what laws were passed. But sometimes, the stories are a little different, are usually the most tragic, and usually the most easily avoided.

The absolutely tragic story from Missouri a short while ago is a case in point. It's one of those tragedies that those that seek to make gun ownership more difficult shamelessly exploit to highlight how "dangerous guns are in the home", you've all heard the arguments. When a 5 year old finds a loaded gun, and accidentally shoots his baby brother in the head, with a gun left lying around, you have to ask some searching questions.

The most basic education, for the parent and/or children would have avoiding this tragic incident. If
the gun was secured, if the child had been educated in gun safety, if if if, so many things could and should have prevented this. But would have banning the gun have had any better effect than training the child or parents?

When there is an accident with children and bleach, cars, electrical outlets, water, swimming pools and many others, are there calls to ban swimming pools and electrical outlets? Are pressure groups formed, trying to show that swimming pools are inherently dangerous, and should be subject to onerous controls, or banned altogether? Of course not, but that is what the gun control lobby would have the government do.

And that's the point here. Tragedies such as the one detailed above are so so easily avoided, with simple no/low cost approaches and strategies, even some basic training! Whilst training is not compulsory, wouldn't it be a a good idea to have training in the safe use, storage and handling of a firearm? Gun owners would not only be protecting themselves, their families and friends, but also their rights.

The more stories like this that appear, the higher the anti gun fire is stoked, and the harder it is to
resist New York like regulation of your firearms. To a great extent, I think it's fair to say that the future of gun rights, and the 2nd amendment lies with firearm owners.

Just contrast the story detailed above with the one I detail in this link. Can there be ANY reason not to train, and make sure the way you handle your firearms is safe, and the and the same for other family members?

Original story from CNN

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