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Friday, March 11, 2016

Do you carry at work?

There have been some great news stories this week, and not all surrounding the bun fight that is the republican nominations!

Unusually, the story doesn't revolve around attacks on the 2nd amendment, but more has more to do with when it's acceptable to carry a firearm at work.

Following an armed robbery attempt in Minnesota, that was foiled by citizens legally carrying concealed firearms. This lead to a guy who owns an insurance brokers deciding that all his employees should be compelled to carry a concealed firearm, obviously having completed the training I harp on so much about!

In his case, having polled his employees, all of them agreed, and thus everyone is now carrying at that particular workplace. The owner stated that the move wasn't to protect goods or money, but so people could protect themselves and each other in a life threatening situation.

How would you feel about being compelled to carry a firearm at work? The interesting dichotomy here is that we have a complete reversal of the attacks on the 2nd amendment. When these attacks are made, the obvious and of course completely correct counter is that peoples rights are being infringed if they are prevented from carrying a firearm. Could it be argued that the people who don't want to carry a firearm, would be having their rights infringed in that situation?

Personally, I am far happier carrying at all times, but some are not. Should they be compelled to train, and carry concealed in a work environment, so they are able to defend themselves, and their colleagues? What do YOU think?

On a slightly different note, you may have seen stories this week about a lady in Florida called Jamie Gilt. She recently made statements on Facebook about her 4 year old son being proficient at shooting, and making many statements about right to carry responsibly.

She then managed to get shot in the back, by her 4 year old, whilst driving, with a .45 that she obviously left within his reach as she drove!!

As I said in my piece last week, PLEASE don't give the anti gun/2nd amendment people ammunition to shoot at us with (if you'll pardon the pun). This really is an open goal that CNN have gone to town with.

Train train train, and practice safe gun handling ALWAYS, and follow the rules, be safe!!

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